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We Are XV Insight

Drawing on over 25 years of research and insight experience, XV Insight is a market research agency that can provide a range of services from consultancy/freelance resource through to full-service end-to-end project management and execution.

We have worked across a wide spectrum of private and public sectors including automotive, retail, consumer goods, travel, hospitality and transport.

We can support quantitative and qualitative projects including topic areas such as:

· Consumer and market trends
· Purchase decision journeys (online and offline)
· Customer experience, satisfaction & loyalty
· Brand and communications
· Concept and product development
· Target market identification and market sizing
· Product strategy including pricing and package



Getting the facts right is vital to making the right decisions.

Our insight and analysis will inform your business decisions, big or small, strategic or tactical.



Digging deeper to understand the whole story.

Whether using existing data sets or combining with new research, we will investigate fully and bring you a succinct, easy to digest story. And as you would expect we will always provide clear direction for action.



Once the story is known and the direction set, it is vital that the actions are implemented and monitored.

We will inspire you and your stakeholders to seize the insight and turn it into meaningful decisions and actions that drive growth for your business.

Our Expertise

Our areas of research expertise include:

Customer/Visitor experience and satisfaction

Product and concept testing, design, pricing, positioning

Brand development, from awareness to first choice

Communications effectiveness, are the right messages reaching the right people?

Purchase journeys, how do people decide what to buy and where to buy it from?

Employee engagement, are staff content and committed?

Trends and forecasting, what the future may hold




Services For

To provide the best service to our clients we will, where appropriate, work in partnership with other trusted suppliers for qualitative and quantitative fieldwork and data analytics.