About Us


Our Philosophy

To provide our clients with the best possible support. We provide experience and expertise to ensure we deliver valuable, effective solutions.

Our Story

XV Insight was established to provide high quality, cost-effective support to agencies and clients. Drawing on 25 years of research and insight experience across multiple business sectors we bring knowledge and expertise to every project we work on.

Helen Roberts

Helen started her market research career in 1990 in the automotive sector. She has held senior Director agency positions since 1995, with MIL, NOP and GfK prior to establishing XV Insight in 2017.Her industry experience covers automotive, consumer goods, travel, tourism, transport, hospitality and retail. Her research expertise covers customer experience, customer journey, brand and communications, segmentation, market sizing, trends, product innovation and strategy. Helen has spoken at many conferences and written articles for both trade and consumer publications. Helen’s priority is always to ensure research design is optimised for the knowledge requirements, whilst being mindful of a realistic budget. Helen’s focus is to provide clients with valuable insight that identifies and prioritises outcomes and actions., working with clients to implement change and generate maximum value from the research.

We collaborate with trusted qualitative and quantitative researchers to make sure you have the right people on your project. We work with accredited fieldwork suppliers and expert data processing teams, all of whom have quality at the heart of what they do.