One Event: Two Perceptions

Contented staff and happy customers tend to go hand in hand. If staff are not happy it is much harder to create great customer experiences. It's also important that staff understand how the customer perceives the experience. Customer satisfaction research data is a...

Leisure and Tourism in West Midlands, Coventry and Warwickshire

Leisure and Tourism in West Midlands, Coventry and Warwickshire

Drawing on the wealth of data and insight available on the tourism sector in Britain, we've put together a short illustrative report showing how this data can be used to understand and exploit opportunities for growth. Whether you are a DMO, accommodation or...

Survey and Respondent Fatigue

Survey & Respondent Fatigue The idea of research fatigue is not a new one – I remember worrying about a response rate that had dropped from 33% to 31% in continuous research we were doing last century. Since then, a couple of things have happened: Survey Overload...

Customer First – The Whole Story

This final blog in the series tells the whole story: From first mapping out what you know, and need to know, about your customers, through gathering feedback and insight effectively and efficiently, to putting the customer at the heart of your organisation. In...

Maintaining a Customer-Centric Organisation

Our 5th and final webinar created in collaboration with Webropol, looks at how to keep the customer at the heart of an organisation. Read it here XV Insight Webropol Customer First Webinar 5 Maintaining a Customer-Centric Organisation Watch it here...

Getting Valuable Feedback

The third blog in our Customer First series explores the key points around survey design, helping you to ask your customers the right questions: XV Insight Webropol Customer First Webinar 3 Getting Valuable Feedback Watch the Webinar here: Valuable Feedback  

What your Customers think

This blog is based on the second in a series of 5 short webinars in which we share our perspective on how best to understand your customers experiences and how to ensure they are happy and loyal. They are jointly produced by Webropol, a web-based survey and analytics...

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