Customer Experience

Help with an Existing Programme?

Some businesses run cost-effective, technology-based customer satisfaction programmes that routinely collect customer feedback through multiple sources (transaction driven e.g. till receipt invitations, website ‘pop-up surveys, push-to-mobile text surveys etc.). These typically generate a mass of data, but don’t always give clarity on what actions should be taken and in what priority order.

If this sounds like your business then we can help by turning that data mountain into valuable, succinct insight. We can help you to communicate effectively with stakeholders to ensure they understand and use that insight effectively. Where appropriate we can also provide guidance on how to improve the programme design to ensure you get the most value out of it.

Setting-up a New Programme?

If you currently either don’t have a mechanism in place for understanding the customer experience, or have something that you know needs redesigning we can help. We use a simple process to design, develop and implement the right customer experience programme for your business. You can tap into all or part of this process:


  • Assessment of needs – where are your customers, what do you want to know, what decisions and actions do you want inform, who are the stakeholders
  • Programme Design – taking into account your needs and your budget we explore potential methods (qualitative and quantitative) to find the right one for you
  • Programme Implementation – starting first with stakeholder engagement and buy-in we will get the programme up and running
  • Feedback Design – all organisations are different and have unique requirements in terms of how customer experience feedback is best shared – format, frequency, style and content will all be designed around your needs
  • Feedback Implementation – we will ensure the feedback is embedded into your organisation, providing training support for those who need help in understanding and interpreting the results
  • Action! – we work with you and your stakeholders to ensure feedback is turned into action to drive greater customer satisfaction and loyalty


XV Insight, in collaboration with Webropol, have produced a series of webinars in we share our perspective on how best to understand your customers experiences and how to ensure they are happy and loyal.