Event Research

Designed for Sports Events, Agricultural Shows, County Shows, tourist attractions and events, concerts and festivals.

Hosting large, occasional events is exciting and hugely rewarding when it all goes well

  • Getting the mix right between recognised and expected features and new things to maintain interest is hard balancing act.
  • Making sure the event is perceived as easily accessible – by car and by public transport
  • Pricing it competitively – to not put people off coming, to provide value and to generate the necessary revenue for the event
  • Optimising the visitor experience through good facilities (the usual stuff – toilets, food, first aid)
  • Making sure all visitor-facing staff enhance the experience through being knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful
  • Crisis management – having an effective Plan B for when things don’t pan out as expected (inclement weather, public transport problems, loss of attractions etc.)

Finding out what visitors expect before the event and/or their experience at the event is to make sure the event is a great success this time and next time! Finding out if there is anything visitors feel is missing will guide planning for future events to ensure they continue to appeal and enthral visitors.

We know that budgets for events are often small and therefore investment in visitor research, although hugely important, must be done as cost effectively as possible.

We therefore have a menu-based solution that can be scaled-up or down to suit your needs:

  • Online survey of pre-booked visitors
  • Mystery shopping of core aspects (facilities, staff etc.)
  • Visitor feedback – captured real time either through interviewers, postcard response, mobile or online survey (the best approach will depend on the type of event and visitor as well as budget)

Our analysis is focused on your needs and will highlight the key strengths that are essential to maintain as well as identifying potential opportunities to improve the visitor experience still further.