Call-out to cafes/restaurants, shops, sports/leisure centres, tourist attractions!Find out what your customers want you to have in place when you re-open

As restrictions begin to be eased, organisations are starting to plan for re-opening.If you have customers or visitors to your premises, then it will be vital that you meet their new needs:

  • When do your customers/visitors expect to return?
  • What are your customers/visitors most worried about?
  • What do they expect you to do in terms of protecting them from the risks of coronavirus?

Knowing what your customers/visitors expect will help you to plan for re-opening. Importantly, you will then be able to channel your resources and budget towards the measures that your customers/visitors most want in place.

Our survey will help you to find out what your customers/visitors expect you to have in place when you re-open.

  • We design a straightforward survey and provide you with a link like this one that you can send out to your membership and/or email newsletter databases. You can also publish the link on your social media platforms.
  • We then analyse the results and provide you with a summary report that clearly tells you what your customers expect and what measures they would like you to have in place to help keep everyone safe when you re-open.
  • It’s a quick and easy process – all you have to do is confirm what you need to know.
  • We design the questionnaire and send you your own unique link. The link ( takes you to a demonstration survey. This can be adapted to suit your individual requirements.
  • You then share that link with your members and social media followers.
  • We analyse the results and send you your detailed report.
  • We do all this for £95 +VAT in as little as a week!