Custom Solutions

Do you have a business question that you need answering?

We can help!

We can provide full service quantitative and qualitative solutions, using in-house and trusted out-sourced resources. We have a huge breadth of experience across many business sectors. Let us know what your challenge is and we’ll tell you how we can help!

Customer Experience

Need help with an existing customer satisfaction programme? Guidance for setting up a new system?

We have expertise to support you!

Drawing on 25 years of customer satisfaction and loyalty research across multiple sectors, both in UK and internationally, we can provide experience-based advice and leadership.

All Hands on Deck

Too busy? Up against a deadline? Need to get a task finished?

 We can help!

We provide interim management and freelance resource to clients and agencies for a wide variety of purposes including

-          Developing research briefs

-          Proposal writing

-          Setting-up new projects

-          Managing existing projects

-          Leading analysis

-          Analysis of data from multiple sources and projects

-          Providing reports and presentations

-          Facilitating insight and action-planning workshops