Whist we are currently still in the depths of ‘lockdown’ it is important to be preparing for the time when people are free to go out for leisure purposes.

The challenge of restarting the visitor attraction market is one collectively faced by all involved in the sector. The need for knowledge and understanding of potential visitors’ mindset and behaviour intentions is vital for both individual and collective success.

We are therefore launching a research project to look at two key topics for the visitor attraction sector:

1. The impact of digital activity from Visitor Attractions currently – what content is being engaged with and the impact it is having on intent to visit in future

2. Potential visitor behaviour after restrictions are lifted – what will be the barriers and triggers to visiting various types of attraction and what expectations are there around steps attractions will be taking to protect staff and visitors

The research will inform strategy and spend on developing the future visitor experience and current digital activity. It will provide insight into facilities and services requirements and guidance on marketing and communications focus.

Further details of the project can be found here

To find out more please call on 07500 005449 or email info@xvinsight.com